About us

Our vision

Ibenta’s goal is to provide a Real Estate marketing platform for the entire property journey that is beautifully simple to use

With almost two decades in Real Estate marketing, our founders have lived and breathed the industry’s technology evolution. From film to digital photography, from graphic designers to online design, the decline of newspapers to the rise of social media, we’ve been there.

Our journey

Within our own respective areas of expertise, a consistent theme for all our founders is always “there has to be a better way”

We understand that great user experience is critical to ibenta’s ability to deliver on its promise which is why we work closely with industry partners and integrate user feedback into every part of our business. In ibenta we have come together to create a Real Estate marketing platform for the entire property journey end to end that is beautifully simple to use.

Our goal

Our vision is to give you the tools that automate your existing proven processes, not force you to bend to inflexible rules. We want to save you time by focusing on system speed and usability, not only for your team but by providing an intuitive mobile friendly solution that new hires will instantly understand.

Our partners

Ibenta has been created for Agents and Agencies like you. Our platform is effective for small independents up to large national networks, anyone marketing properties who wants flexibility and speed.

If you’re looking for a solution that will drive efficiencies while cutting down on errors, or you’re after a way to connect your office based staff with the team on the road, then ibenta has you covered.

Meet the team



Mary Salustiano




Dela Cruz




Our promise

Ibenta puts the user first. 

Our platform, features and enhancements are designed and engineered to be beautifully simple. User experience is our top priority, that's our ibenta promise.
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