11 Call to Action Phrases That Really Work for Real Estate

Moving your contacts from passive sellers to active sellers is the most important action they can take while you’re top of mind. As part of your sales process you need to have a Call-To-Action (CTA) with every communication to your database.

Here is a list of passive calls to action that you can implement in your digital and physical marketing;

1. Thinking of selling – download a free guide

All property owners are potential sellers. It will depend on their personal circumstances if they are passively considering selling or purposefully moving to the active stage of selling.

By distributing a guide to selling a property on your website and social media with a call to action to download your PDF, you’ll have the attention of potential sellers at the critical stage of deciding to sell, as well as their contact details to send them comparative market analysis which may be just the encouragement they need to sell.

2. Selling your home – free download

An owner who is not quite ready to sell will appreciate a guide about what to expect in the process of selling their property, arming themselves with a complete understanding of what lies ahead.

Encouraging property owners to download your selling guide through a call to action is your opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and experience listing and selling properties. 

Anyone requesting your guide on selling is preparing to list their property and it will be worth your time and effort to begin communicating with them on a regular basis to secure the listing.

3. First home buyer’s guide – free download

Buying property for the first time can be daunting. This will likely be their biggest purchase so far and many buyers are intimidated by high pressure sales tactics and legalese wording of contracts and forms. 

Provide a free resource on your website and social media in plain language that explains the process from start to finish in a method that first time buyers will understand, then drive buyers to action by promoting it as a free download.

This will position you as a trustworthy professional who can relate to buyers with all stages of experience.

4. How much can you borrow – use our free loan calculator

Most buyers who are actively searching for a property have already considered their financial positions, but what about the passive buyers? 

By integrating a simple loan calculator on your website, a passive buyer who is viewing your listings can satisfy their curiosity with a quick calculation about their borrowing capacity. Collaborating to use an online calculator from a local lender will create a synergy which can generate leads outside your existing database.

5. Before you move in – Prepare for your new home

What do buyers need to do in your area before they move in?

Encouraging people to download a guide to preparing for a new home is a low pressure call to action, there is no expectation that this will lead them to a discussion about selling or buying a property, however you’ll secure their details in your database for future reference.

You can include relevant local legislation, suggestions about insurance and general tips on creating a smooth experience on moving day.

On average people move once every 5 years, use your Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) to set a reminder to check in on an annual basis about their experience at their new home and you’ll remain top of mind when they make their next property decision.

6. Buying interstate – what you need to know

Each region has its own unique processes and procedures when it comes to buying property. The global pandemic has made “work anywhere” a reality for many professionals and you may be seeing an influx of interest from out of state, or even internationally.

A buyer who responds to your call to action about how to buy property in your local area can be considered to be actively buying, providing a guide will position yourself as a local expert to someone who is not familiar with your locality.

7. Escrow explained – free download

For many buyers, escrow is something they rarely interact with outside of buying and selling property.

The call to action to download a document that explains in simple terms what escrow is, how it’s applied to real estate and what they should expect, will be welcomed by anyone considering buying a property.

When someone responds to your call to action, you can be certain that they’re considering moving from passive to active buying, or are already in the process of house hunting. These contacts represent highly motivated buyers for your listings.

8. Local Property Reports – Subscribe here

9. Sign up for regular market updates in your area

Buyers and sellers are invested in keeping up to date with property prices in your area. 

These calls to action reflect a free service that you will be providing on a regular basis with data you already have.

While it is beneficial to capture subscribers for your database, sending regular market updates will enable you to track interactions with your listings old and new. Use this call to action to springboard conversations with your database about properties that they might be interested in, they could be excited by the sold prices and considering selling.

10. No obligation free property evaluation – click here

Owners are regularly curious about the value of their property.

A valuation is the best method in your arsenal to build your database of qualified owners and introduce yourself as an expert realtor. Using an evaluation call to action on your website and social media that reflects the low commitment level required from a potential seller will drive engagement and increase your evaluation volumes.

11. Click here to explore current listings

Owners, buyers and sellers are all motivated to keep their local property price knowledge current and relevant.

Whenever you’re communicating with your market on social media, always include a call to action to view your current listings.

This is a low commitment action for anyone to take, however it enables you to utilize retargeting for future listings to your audience, which keeps you top of mind whenever they’re online, maintaining your presence as a local real estate expert.

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