20 Ways to Use Facebook for Real Estate Marketing

As with many social networking sites, Facebook has also become a platform for online marketing for many businesses – including real estate. It features Special Ad Audience, a tool for targeting algorithms that shows your real estate advertisements to users or visitors that share the same online behaviour with your current clients.  Here, we’ve compiled 20 ways to use Facebook for Real Estate marketing.

1. Tapping into emotions

To promote a family home, something you can do is to make your content emotive. Describe the property by tugging on their heartstrings. For example, you can show the abundance of space the residence has by describing how it would be perfect for special gatherings with family and friends.

2. Do it on LIVE

Facebook’s live function is also excellent for doing live tours of the home for all your online audiences to see. With this function, you are able to establish a sense of authenticity to your ad, earning your viewers trust for your property.

3. Increasing marketing targeting 

Show the listings potential buyers viewed before, as well as related results that might be of interest. This is done in order to heighten their awareness of your brand even after viewing one property.

4. Make Facebook for Real Estate marketing informative AND creative

Simply providing info isn’t enough, make sure your ads stand out amongst your target market’s Facebook feed. Create an infographic to relay your desired message, together with calls to action that are sure to catch your audiences’ attention and interest.

5. Host an educational event

Offering a “basics” webinar increases a company’s chance of generating leads and/or actual clients who are at the beginning of their investment decision process. 

6. Cater for your audience’s inquiries

Empathy goes a long way, even for ads – as it is a more personal and trustworthy approach. Make a series of posts that address the frequent questions and concerns of prospective buyers and sellers. This enables you to provide support to your target audience, as well as build your online reputation and presence.

7. Let the floorplan shine

Facades have always been the most used part of the home in photos. Why not go for a different route and post the floorplan? Doing so gives the viewers a more detailed and realistic look of the home, and it caters for potential clients who first and foremost look for the technicalities like the layout and square footage. 

8. Shine a light on your causes and/or partnerships

One of the definitive characteristics of today’s consumers – especially gen Z – are how strongly they feel about their advocacies. You can use  this to your advantage by promoting these charity causes to help establish your brand.

9. Cinematography is key

Get your audience’s attention, interest and awe by investing in a high production value video to showcase your property. Top quality videos bring in a new level of professionalism and creativity to your brand.

10. Promote time sensitive offers

Limited time offers provide a sense of urgency and competition amongst your viewers, thereby increasing the chance of getting an inquiry and even an actual deal if all goes well.

11. Take advantage of the slideshow function

Instead of simply using multiple pictures, use the slideshow or carousel format to feature your property. Viewers are able to get a fuller idea of the home, minus the effort of having to sift through different photos. You might also want to keep the video at 14 seconds so it can still work as a standard Facebook ad.

12. Invest in technological innovations

Partnering or utilising cutting edge technology helps boost your reputation, especially amongst prospective sellers. An example would be having a 3D imaging company create 3D floorplans and digital home tours for clients. This will surely benefit sellers who are looking to elevate their listings.

13. Sell the lifestyle

Marketing homes are not just about the house itself. Key factors such as the location and lifestyle it comes with also make great selling points to use to your advantage. These are excellent features that not only amplify the appeal of the home, but also help potential buyers to make an informed decision.

14. Angles, angles, angles

Each home has its own set of key selling points and one of a kind features, so there is no reason to sell them in the exact same way. Some homes are all about their flexible living rooms and accommodations, while some are designed to entertainers’ havens. Make sure that your posts perfectly match the property’s key points.

15. Make your contact information extra visible

Grant your audience easy access to all your pertinent contact details by including them in your Facebook ads, preferably right next to the call to action. This is more fitting for agencies that sell in multiple locations, as it ensures extra convenience for the viewer to locate the right professional to reach out to regarding listings in their area.

16. Show some numbers

Technical details like numbers and growth metrics are admittedly intimidating and complicated to use as ads. However, when compiled and posted in a concise and comprehensive manner, they help solidify the message you want to convey.

17. Focus on first home buyers

New homebuyers are highly likely to require guidance in selecting a property, and this is where you come in. Keep them in your mind when creating your ads by promoting how you will be of assistance throughout the process – which you’ll make easier for them too.

18 .Have a specified price range

The price is always a determining factor in selecting a property. When searching for homes online, keen buyers utilise the “price” part of the filters almost all the time. See to it that you include a price range of homes in your ad to make sure it reaches the target market you’re going for.

19. Use emojis

Bring more life to your ad and let it stand out from the rest by using emojis. These will help relay your message in a clearer and more creative way.

20. Include reviews

To significantly increase client trust, feature reviews from previous customers. These further establish your reputation, and are also a great way to get referrals too! 

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