3 expert Call To Action tips for Realtors

A call to action (CTA) is the most important part of your online marketing campaign. It’s what convinces people to either click, stay on your site or click again. The right CTA can help you convert visitors into customers and vice versa. But how do you know if you have a winning CTA? And how can realtors ensure they’re using their CTAs effectively? Here are 3 expert Call To Action tips for Realtors.

1. Don’t bury your CTA

First things first, don’t bury your CTA. Your call to action should be at the top of the page and visible without scrolling down. It should also be on a single line so that it can stand out from other content on your landing page and attract an eye quickly.

Finally, make sure that your call to action contrasts well with its background color or visual style; if you use an image as part of your design (like we do), make sure that it doesn’t obscure any important text or images when clicked on by accident by someone who wants to know more about what they’re looking at before making a decision!

2. Prioritize speed

The average attention span in 2019 is 8 seconds, so you want to make sure your CTA stands out in a sea of text. When designing your call-to-action button, there are two things you should consider: color and shape.


It’s best to use bright colors for your call-to-action buttons. This helps draw people’s attention to the button, making it more likely for them to click on it when they’re scrolling through content or scanning an article on the internet. You can also use contrast colors between text and background (e.g., red text on white). This will help draw even more attention than just a colored background with no contrast at all!


The shape of your CTA button should be simple enough so that people can see what it says from across the room if needed but unique enough so as not too look like every other traffic sign out there! Try using geometric shapes such as circles or squares but don’t overdo it either!

3. Don’t be vague

The third way to make your call to action more effective is by avoiding being vague. You don’t want your reader to have to guess what you want them to do, so be clear and concise in the language you use. For example, instead of saying “learn more about this property below”, try “Watch this video guide on how to buy a home.”

Your CTAs should be simple and direct. If you want visitors or customers to read something, say it directly: “Read our guide on how we helped clients sell their homes in under two weeks!” This approach will help readers understand what they need from the page better than vague CTAs like “Learn more about us” or even worse yet…the dreaded 404 error message (not found).

To help avoid making unclear CTAs yourself there are a few rules for writing good ones:

  • Don’t use vague words like “learn”, “see” or “find out”
  • Instead use action verbs like “watch”, “read” and “listen”

Online marketing is a complex beast, but the right call to action can make all the difference

When it comes to digital marketing, CTAs are a key component in any strategy. These buttons or links prompt the user to take an action on your site. They are usually highlighted by color and formatted differently from other elements on the page (for example, as buttons instead of text links).

CTAs must be clear, concise and actionable. A good CTA will get people who visit your website to complete their goals—whether that means signing up for an email newsletter or purchasing something online.


In the end, it’s clear that CTAs are a powerful tool for realtors to use. They can help you drive traffic to your website and convert more leads into clients, but only if they’re well-crafted and targeted. The key is making sure that your CTA will capture their attention when they see it on social media or browsing through search results. In order to do this effectively though, you have to know what works best for each platform—so take some time today and make sure your next call-to-action hits its mark!

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