3 reasons to integrate live chat with your website

As a Realtor, you know that real estate is a people business. Despite this, the first contact with a buyer or seller is often online. The benefits are clear, it’s quick, easy and accessible. However, if this step isn’t well implemented, you will lose you customers before you even know they exist. Live chat on your website is your ticket to a great first impression online. Here are 3 reasons to integrate live chat with your website.

1. A better digital customer experience

How do other Realtors in your area receive leads from their websites? Many will use a digital form that emails the enquiry, some simply have their email and phone number, with no direct communication ability.

Implementing live chat helps the customer have a more seamless experience from finding you, reaching out and beginning a conversation.

2. Qualifying leads

Simple email forms on websites do not allow for lead qualifying. Implementing live chat will step your customers through certain questions to determine if they’re actively looking to buy or sell, simply interested in finding out more information or casually observing. As a result, your live chat can steer the less serious enquiries towards subscribing to your email newsletter. This allows more qualified prospects to jump to the top of your inbox and get the attention they deserve.

3. Quicker response times

Although we want to be accessible 24/7, reality doesn’t allow for that. Integrating live chat on your website provides an “always-on” interface for customers. If other agents in your area take many hours or even days to respond, integrating live chat with your website will give you a competitive edge.

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