3 Tips for Useful Real Estate Video Marketing

Make the most out of your listings with the modern day multidimensional format.

As digital trends continue to shape and define the world of marketing, video has continued to rise as the most popular form of content. It has been used by many industries like fashion, retail, technology and now it’s real estate’s turn.

In the tips below, we’ll show you how to elevate your property marketing through video.

1. Adapt to social media platforms

Apart from the standard real estate websites we’re all familiar with, the vast world of social media is also something you can use to your advantage through your listing videos. Whether you upload them as Youtube clips or reels on social networking sites like Instagram, your property has the potential to reach a wide number of keen buyers.  

To complete the overview of your property, make sure your videos include a full view – or even a guided tour – of all rooms and other miscellaneous features. Additional important details that also be part of the video are address, size and contact information of the agent.

2. Use immersive techniques

While the convenience of the video format for real estate marketing has been proven over the years, it has also been viewed as an insufficient and impersonal format as it fails to rival actually seeing a property up close. To help curb this, immersive procedures like virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) have been introduced and utilised as well. Companies like Matterport produce experiences for buyers that reduce time, expense and effort dedicated to open houses, while still keeping the interested buyers well informed about the property. 

3. Maximise all types of subject matters

Aside from property marketing, video is the perfect format to promote yourself as well. You should ensure that your videos deliver an overview of your profile, skills, experience, specialty areas, as well as calls to action specifying why buyers and sellers should choose you. 

For extra impact, showcase video testimonials from interviews with previous buyers and sellers, local entrepreneurs, mortgage lenders and other relevant individuals. These positive pieces of information will help prospective clients get to know them better, and pique their interest into contacting them for inquiries.

More than their own profile and overview of services and specialty suburbs, agents can also embrace the video to offer key knowledge and guidance to buyers and sellers on how to transact property with great ease. This will help generate leads to convert to future customers, as these will have high levels of general engagement.

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