4 millennial tips for building client relationships

You’ve probably heard about the Millennial generation, maybe you are a millennial. Maybe you’re from an older generation and have formed your own views about millennials. Whatever your perspective, millennials are now a quarter of the population and you should be prepared to effectively communicate with this audience.

Here are 4 millennial tips for building client relationships

1. Experience is everything

While you may be familiar with previous generations who have fixated on price, millennials tend to prioritize their experiences ahead of costs. This maturing generation will choose experience over money, as seen in the travel industry with the rise of Uber and AirBnB who have customer experience at the forefront of their product offering. 

As a Realtor, how many times has a buyer chosen a home based on how it makes them feel, compared to cold calculations based on investment returns? Remember this when communicating with millennials, discover what they’re passionate about. In turn focus on the experiences a property will offer them, instead of hard facts about internal dimensions or property valuation history.

2. Relationships count

Millennials grew up with advertising and have developed a savvy awareness when they’re being targeted. Cold calling and canned emails without content they value will not generate meaningful leads. Instead, focus on building relationships with your millennial audience.

As a generation that interacts with brands online, consider how your social media activity is engaging with millennials. According to Forbes, 62% of millennials will become loyal customers if you interact with them online. When you build relationships online with millennials, they’ll happily engage with you in future.

3. Understand their communication preferences

Millennials view phone calls as obtrusive. Unlike other forms of communication, a phone call interrupts and demands attention. Unless a call is expected, communicate with millennials using their preferred methods. To communicate specific information, send an email. If your communication is time sensitive, choose text messages. Consider establishing Messenger, Whatsapp and Viber accounts for other messaging alternatives.

4. Be authentic

If you want to engage with a millennial audience, authenticity is important. Given their savvy nature, ensure you are portraying yourself as someone true to yourself on social media. Honesty and trust are valued by millennials, so put these values first and foremost in your online activity. Don’t be afraid to show your less serious side, as millennials will see straight through anything artificial and straight out reject a hard sell.

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