4 ways workflows improve your business

Being a real estate professional comes with its own set of rewards and challenges. From prospecting calls and emails, to listing presentations as well as setting buyer’s appointments and open house events, day to day tasks are definitely no easy feat. To help you get on top of these responsibilities, something you can do is to implement workflows. It’s an automated set of actions that enables software tools to create or accomplish your day to day tasks for you. It eliminates any complications from your end that could disrupt your productivity, thereby making all the processes smooth sailing. Here’s 4 ways workflows improve your business:

1. Initiating timely responses

Speed is one of the key components of efficiency, so it’s important that it’s carefully considered and applied with any task you may have. Taking a long time to respond to a prospective client increases the likelihood of them moving on to a different realtor. So with an automated follow-up system with your leads, you are able to consistently reach out to them regardless of personal schedule. And with a more solidified connection, this lead is highly likely to get a deal done with your team.

2. Well maintenance of networks

Generating new leads is already a tedious and difficult task, but maintaining your connection with them is equally (if not more) challenging. So it’s all the more important that you stay on top of this. Getting in touch with your leads – from all stages of the process – can be made easier with automated drip email campaigns. With this, you are able to increase the clients’ awareness of your brand, establish your reputation as well as reduce your competition’s edge.

3. Get projects going

Meeting deadlines is pretty much a basic requirement for every profession, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less challenging. And with the wide variety and large number of tasks as well as types of people to deal with, getting everything done in a timely manner is simply not easy. By implementing automation to your workflow, you are able to bring in a sense of professionalism and systemisation to your business. For example, you can set up a tracking system for your deliverables, as well as a more detailed outline of tasks that accumulate to a big project.

4. Making meetings more productive

While well intended, some meetings end up being unproductive that they could have been better off as emails. To avoid this, automated email notifications can help the team prepare for them. This can include time, talking points and important announcements.


Implementing workflow automation elevates many aspects of your team’s responsibilities. As you maximise the productivity of your communications, lead nurturing and team member designations, you allow your business to succeed in anything you aim for.

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