4 wet weather real estate tips for brokers, agents and realtors

Wet weather isn’t an ideal time for Open Homes. Bad weather can discourage buyers from venturing out and it can hide the fair weather benefits of a property.

Despite this, you can still take some steps to make your opens pleasant. 4 wet weather real estate tips for brokers, agents and realtors for open homes.

1. Keep pathways clear

While it’s important to clean all outdoor surfaces before an open, it’s also important to keep them clean for the duration. In wet weather leaves and flowers can fall on hard surfaces, creating slip hazards and a perception of untidiness. To further entice buyers, ensure that any gates and the front door are wide open. Provide an umbrella stand by the front door to prevent clutter for visitors to trip over.

2. Let there be light

Turn on all exterior and interior lights. Ensure that wherever possible as much natural light is also available by opening all blinds and drapes. Remember to also turn on closet lights and any appliance lights where possible. If there is a particularly dark corner or room on a wet day, consider placing spotlights behind furniture to illuminate the area.

3. Dehumidify

Ensure that HVAC systems are on the Dry setting to remove moisture from the air. This will make the property more comfortable for open house attendees and remove any musty odors. If the forecast is known ahead of time, ensure all closets and areas without airflow have moisture absorbers installed to freshen up the air ahead of time.

4. Make it sparkle

Contrast the dreary muddy world outside with an immaculately clean interior. Ensure all drapery has been removed where possible, or cleaned professionally. Polish all metal surfaces. Deep clean wet areas to remove mould from grout and other surfaces. Don’t forget to clean light fixtures carefully as well as windows, inside and out.

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