5 Exceptional Ibenta Features

1. Sales Pipeline

How do you keep track of your listings, ensuring that they’re progressing every day? 

Ibenta’s Sales Pipeline feature provides you with a straightforward and easy to use drag and drop tool to keep all of your properties moving through the sales cycle. 

You can quickly and easily add, remove or rename each stage of your Pipeline, or get started straight away using Ibenta’s default stages. Each listing has its own card that can be customized and tagged for automatic filtering.

Because Ibenta’s Sales Pipeline is connected to your Ibenta Contacts and Ibenta Campaigns, your listings are always up to date on Mobile and Desktop.

2. Artwork

Is the content you are producing for your listings and personal branding consistent?

Ibenta’s Artwork feature is an online design tool with a beautifully simple interface that loads instantly and is very easy to use. 

By choosing an Artwork theme, all your designs for print and digital will be on brand, using your logo and your colors flawlessly. You can add or remove text, banners, photos or anything you want. Both the listing information and your details will automatically populate your artwork, where you can type directly into your design, and Ibenta’s Artwork autosaves your progress so you never need to worry about losing your work ever again.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can either generate a PDF for print, or an image file to share directly on social media with a click of a button from ibenta.

3. Collaboration

Every listing has a process that will be followed to complete a sale, how are you assigning tasks to the right person and tracking their progress?

Ibenta’s Task Management gives you the ability to collaborate with assistants, back office support, co-agents, providers, vendors or anyone on desktop and mobile. When creating a listing in Ibenta, simply load your default Task List and then assign a task to someone. They’ll receive a notification and will be able to update the task status as they progress.

Using Ibenta’s collaboration features will keep all your listings progressing smoothly and give you access to the latest status updates for every property no matter where you are.

4. Customization

Have you established a unique and proprietary process for listing and selling properties?

Don’t undo your established successful methods trying to adopt an inflexible digital solution, by using Ibenta you can keep your existing process and convert it into a cloud based automation because everything can be customized.

Ibenta allows you to create your own tags for property types, listing statuses, task statuses and contacts, as well as your own listing workflows and tasks. As an Ibenta account owner, you can also ensure everyone in your team uses the same settings to ensure that data is consistent across all users to provide simplified but accurate reporting.

5. Centralization

When a provider or vendor asks you for a document, do you search your emails for it? Do you have to tell them to wait until you “get back to the office” before you can begin searching?

Ibenta’s Files provides a centralized location for each listing’s documents, images and video. By utilizing Ibenta’s collaborative tools, your providers and vendors can view specific files and folders associated with their listing that you share with them, as well as upload their own files.

You’ll no longer be digging around in emails looking for files and have more time for value adding tasks.

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