5 real estate branding ideas for teams

To truly establish your brand in the industry, you definitely need to put in careful thought and strategic efforts to it. This will serve as a foundation for your team’s reputation, as well as a catalyst for sustainable growth, loyal clients and continuous referrals. Here are 5 real estate branding ideas for teams:

1. Have your own dedicated company email address

Using corporate email addresses brings a sense of professionalism to your business, further solidifying your brand amongst your prospective clients. Apart from the benefits it brings to your team’s image, it also helps provide ease to your workflow. With a more centralised base, all communications are systematised and made more convenient.

2. Integrate the usage of email signatures

Like a centralised company email address, standardised email signatures – the closing of your emails that includes your name, title, phone number, etc. – also exude an elevated sense of professionalism to your business. More than that, these also serve as a means of promoting your brand and services.

3. Create links that lead to your company website

Having your website be exposed to many users, and having it optimised for search engines would be of great advantage to your business. This is why you should be willing to do all things to achieve this. For search engine optimization, make your links have variety,  as using the same set of terms all the time might raise the search engines’ suspicions that your content is spam. With this, make sure you use key phrases and terms that audiences use all the time. Lastly, don’t use links to just link to your website itself. Create ones that lead to the contents of your page in order to cater for a wide variety of viewers.

Other than that, you can also advertise across social media platforms, and have other agents use flyers and/calling cards that feature all your pertinent details.

4. Utilise a standard style guide for your brand

Making use of a standardised language for your business does not mean that you have to be pedantic in each word your team uses; unless you want to sound robotic and impersonal. The key here is having a perfect balance of building a public persona that is both professional and approachable. 

Start by creating a dedicated document that lists the type of language and voice your team can use in key situations. This can include standardised lengths for company descriptions ( which can be short or long, depending on your preference), as well as customer reviews for a holistic, streamlined set of text in your website.

5. Ensure that your logos are easy to use

Logos are one of the main points for real estate marketing, as they initiate high chances of brand recall. Creating and using these, however, also come with technical complications and challenges. They are supposed to be used by the entire team, and because of that, sometimes the files end up distorted and overall unreadable. To remedy this, use a master version of your logo and make sure you have it in scalable vector format like AI or PDF for print and use RGB web ready formats like PNG or JPG online. 

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