5 Real Estate Marketing Trends to Dominate in 2022

Real estate marketing is an industry that is unique due to high volumes of repeatable campaigns. This allows for fine tuning of the property listing processes, which can reduce capacity for innovations and new trends when selling.

In this article, we explore the trends which are starting to appear in the highly competitive real estate marketing industry.

1. Digital marketing continues to be led by Social Media

Social Media will continue to be the best channel for digital marketing in 2022. With two years of ongoing restrictions to in-person meetings and reduced avenues for personal networking, successful Realtors will continue to focus on their social media presence in 2022.

If you are not active on Social Media yet, now is the time to build a presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. Undoubtedly you’re seeing other agents in your area in your social feeds, but do not be overwhelmed by the prospect of investing in social media. There are many companies specializing in social media management for Real Estate Agents that will automate your personal, business and property marketing on your behalf.

2. Buyers will expect Virtual Tours

With the current pandemic and the cultural shift to a digital online world, Virtual Tours will become a must-have component of your property marketing. While this will reduce the risks associated with in person viewings, you’re also enabling your properties to engage with a wider audience while reducing the need for open homes. A Virtual Tour should be included on every property you list in 2022

3. Innovate with drones

Aerial property photography, thanks to improvements in drone technology, has become popular recently as it enables buyers to better visualise a property in its surroundings. Take your drone content a step further in 2022 by including drone photography and video of the local area. Highlighting local amenities or natural beauty through aerial perspectives will encourage buyers to visualise themselves in the area, helping increase your property’s desirability.

4. Content is key

Are you facing reduced marketing budgets in 2022 due to a reduction in listings? Producing content can be a low cost alternative to traditional direct marketing methods. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are fantastic opportunities to start producing content to engage vendors on a regular basis, keeping you top of mind when they’re deciding to sell.

5. Email marketing

If you’ve worked hard to build your database of contacts over the years, now is the time to put it to work through email marketing. Consider what you should be including in your emails to ensure recipients do not unsubscribe, they might be interested in property values, legislative changes to property ownership or local community news. If you provide meaningful content on a regular but infrequent basis, you’ll encourage your contacts to stay subscribed to your emails and that keeps you top of mind as a local expert when they’re deciding to sell.

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