5 reasons why value of social media to real estate agents is increasing

Transitioning to social media platforms continues to prove to be a beneficial move for many types of industries across the world. And that’s especially the case for real estate and its teams of dedicated professionals. In this article, we list down the reasons why the value of social media to real estate agents is increasing.

1. Top-of-the-line tools

More than just for building personal relationships online, social networking sites have since developed many tools of their own that provide significant assistance for digital marketing.  

Social media giant Facebook Facebook includes many functional tools that enable professionals to seamlessly execute the aspects of their businesses. Whether it would be publishing listing-related updates and content, book appointments, client communications and review compilations, Facebook is here to help. 

There is also Linkedin, which lets real estate agents build connections with fellow professionals in the industry, as well as establish their career profile online. 

Instagram has also grown to be a conducive platform for many businesses due to its user-friendly interface, flexible functions and detailed metrics.

2. Versatile platform for a variety of content formats

In online marketing, it is always highly recommended to use a wide selection of content formats to truly convey everything about what you’re selling. Whether it would be through text, audio, video, photos or different combinations of each, well-rounded advertisements tend to be both informative and eye-catching. This helps prospective customers paint a clear picture of the property, which helps fill the ‘impersonal’ gap online platforms usually leave.

3. Easily accessible reviews

Customer feedback and testimonials are what that prospective customers tend to trust the most. This is why it’s more than important to have these stored in a place where keen audiences or viewers can see them to fully know your brand. Having these pieces of feedback online can also be your way of being accountable and consistently responsible with your dealings.

4. Event coverage

You can promote your brand and properties via social media, but it’s also a great place to market the in-person events you will be conducting every time. Take advantage of the wide reach digital platforms can give you and let it be the place where you get potential attendees of your events. You can even maximise it by livestreaming your events like your open houses and auctions.

5. Convenient way to help out clients

Real estate agents can also use social media to relay tips and tricks for transactions, as well as updates about market trends and the industry itself. This way, you are able to create connections with your target audience beyond your actual transactions, and you also establish your reputation as a knowledgeable and trustworthy agent they can depend on for all things real estate – from quick inquiries to full-on to sale-related discussions. 

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