6 guaranteed calls to action for happy Real Estate Agents

The best calls to action for real estate agents are the ones that get you the most response. After all, you want your leads and listings to convert into sales to be happy, right? So what do you say to make it work best? In this post, we’ll go over 6 guaranteed calls to action for happy Real Estate Agents.

1. Register to view photos and details

This call to action is perfect for real estate agents who want to increase their chances of getting a visitor to register with them. The first step in the registration process will be requesting permission, so it’s important that visitors know exactly what they’re going to get and why they should sign up.

For example: “Registering is free! Registering allows you to see photos and details of homes for sale.”

If someone registers, they’ll be prompted with the next step in the registration process (which may include creating an account). This can be a great opportunity for your real estate agent website or blog post about how you’ve helped other homeowners sell their home quickly and efficiently; why you’re different from other agents; etc.

You can also use this space on your landing page as an opportunity to share some data about yourself (e.g., number of years selling real estate), give testimonials from past clients/customers, display awards/certifications related to your field—anything that might help differentiate yourself from other agents online!

2. Learn about local market trends

Understand the local market trends

As a real estate agent, you have a big advantage over others in your field, you’re an expert at understanding the local market trends that can help or hinder home buyers and sellers. Understanding how these factors impact your business is crucial for maximizing revenue generation potential.

3. Preview the newest neighborhood homes

To keep your audience engaged, you should be regularly updating the images on your website. If you’re using a third party platform like Zillow or Redfin, it’s likely that they update their images every few hours or so. If not, there are tools you can use to set up automated updates directly from your MLS feed.

The most important thing is to make sure your photos always represent the current market!

4. Hear how my clients describe working with me

Explain the value you provide based on the feedback you’ve been given.

You believe that the best way to successfully market your home is by helping you understand what you want. That you are great listener and will work with you to identify the features that are most important to you and your family, so we can emphasize those attributes in our marketing strategy. You want your clients to feel comfortable working with me because they know they can trust me. Your clients also appreciate that I am reliable, organized, and an expert in my field.

When people are looking for someone they can trust with their biggest financial decision of their lives—buying or selling real estate—the last thing they need is a fly-by-night agent who doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

5. Schedule a free consultation call

Schedule a free consultation call is one of the best calls to action available. It’s short and sweet, and it gives your potential customers an opportunity to learn more about you without having to commit.

6. Contact me today!

  • Give your phone number
  • Give your email address
  • Mention the time of day you are available
  • Mention the day of the week you are available


As you can see, there are a lot of different options for real estate agents when it comes to using calls to action. The key is finding the right one that fits your brand and audience so that they’re actually interested in what you have to say. Now that you know what some of them are, go ahead and try them out on your own website!

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