7 Killer Tips for More Effective Real Estate Facebook Ads

Apart from real estate websites, social media has become an increasingly popular platform for publishing listings and other real estate related marketing. Social networking giant Facebook is a prime example of this. And with the high number of ads being posted there everyday (or even every hour), the stakes are high. To maximise your chances and reduce competition, make sure your ads truly stand out from the crowd. Here are 7 killer tips for more effective real estate facebook ads:

1. Always use CTAs

CTAs or Calls to Action are key to grabbing attention. This is because directly addressing your readers with clear and concise messages is sure to hook their interest. You can use this so tell readers to visit your website, click on a certain link or even sign up for your newsletter.

2. Sell the hook

Each and every property has its own set of one of a kind features that make it unique, known as ‘the hook’. Make sure those points are at the forefront of your ads. Maximising novelty is often a no brainer in any type of advertising, so this will surely peak your audience’s’ interest. This can be the price, location, views or even a part of the residence that not all homes have.

3. Publish video content

Over the years, video has increasingly become the most widely used formats across social media pages, and apps and tools like stories, reels, snaps and TikTok have been introduced as well. See to it that you use video in your ads so the viewers are able to view the property properly.

4. Sound urgent in your ad

It’s been known for some time now that the online world tends to initiate FOMO or fear of missing out amongst people. That’s actually something you can use to your advantage in creating your ads. Providing a sense of urgency to your audience increases their interest in your offering, and thereby leading them closer to the next step. These can be about the home being one of the few (if not the) last available properties in the area, or a limited time offer for a price.

5. Sell the lifestyle

More than its own set of features, a home’s key selling points also comprise the lifestyle and location it has. So beef up your ads by using these. This will entice the readers into inquiring more about the property.

6. Offer free services

Additional free offerings are never not desired by prospective clients. Promote how you’ll give your services for free and you’re sure to stand out from the rest; as services and consultations are otherwise not easily accessible, or come at a hefty price.

7. Give out all vital details

Scrolling and looking through tons of listings can be a tedious and tiring task for potential clients, and sometimes having to contact the agent for further details they need might just drive them out entirely. Make sure you lay out all the details of the property directly and concisely so the audiences appreciate your effort to inform them, enough to contact you for that next step. 

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