7 Real Estate Marketing trends to watch for in 2023

Real estate marketing is always evolving, and the future looks promising. Here are the 7 Real Estate Marketing trends to watch for in 2023:

1. Virtual Staging Will Disrupt the Industry

Virtual staging is the newest trend in property marketing. It uses 3D technology to simulate how furniture would look in a space, allowing you to see what it would look like before buying new items. This can be especially helpful for those who don’t have experience with design or staging, but want their properties to stand out from other listings. Virtual staging is also an effective way to show a property without having to go through the hassle of moving furniture around—and it’s easier on both your wallet and back!

2. Consumers are looking for convenience

Consumers are looking for convenience. They want to be able to do everything from the convenience of their own home, including shopping for homes and viewing information about them, scheduling appointments with real estate agents, and getting advice from experts on what they should do next.

Real estate companies that understand this trend can capitalize on it by optimizing their websites for mobile devices and using social media to engage with potential customers.

3. Video Marketing will play a bigger role throughout the buyer journey

Buyers are in the driver’s seat, so more time and effort needs to be spent on educating them about what you have to offer. Video is an excellent way to do this. Not only does it convey important information quickly and efficiently, but it can also give buyers a sense of what it would be like to live in your property before they even consider buying or renting it.

Video Marketing Will Play A Bigger Role Throughout Your Buyer Journey:

  • On Homepage – video could play on homepage or landing pages where potential buyers can see homes that meet their criteria visually (like price range).
  • In Search Results – if someone searches for “apartment near me” then you might want a video at top of page with apartments that meet these requirements like pricing and location within city limits etc…

4. Review management will be critical to customer acquisition

Reviews will be a key component of your customer acquisition efforts. As more and more industries become service-based, the review process will continue to play an increasingly important role in new customer acquisition. In addition to helping you screen out bad applicants, it can also help you make sure current customers are happy with their experience and keep them coming back or referring friends.

A well-managed review process is critical for keeping existing clients happy and generating leads from new ones. It also helps attract potential employees by providing valuable information about what it’s like to work at your company from current employees’ perspectives—a way for them to decide whether they’d like that kind of experience for themselves!

5. Direct Mail will continue it’s comeback

Direct mail is not a dead medium. While it has suffered from declining readership and less targeting, it continues to be a major part of the real estate marketing mix due to its versatility in reaching niche markets and driving conversions.

Direct mailing will continue to have strong results for certain types of properties, including:

  • Multi-family rentals
  • New construction homes
  • Luxury homes

The ability for direct mailers to target specific audiences means that it can be used more effectively than ever before. In addition, data tracking allows advertisers and marketers greater insight into how their campaigns are performing compared with others on the market. This data will allow them better insights into consumer behavior patterns so they can further refine their targeting strategies over time as well as track which channels are most effective at driving traffic back into their website(s).

6. Automation Will Be The Name Of The Game In Lead Management

Automation is the name of the game in lead management. With your time being stretched thin, you need to make sure that all of your leads are being sent to a CRM system that can do what you want it to do for you. Lead management software will help automate some processes so that when a new lead comes in from a source, it’s automatically added to your database.

The importance of lead management cannot be overstated: as real estate experts know full well, without leads there isn’t much to manage at all! If you don’t have an efficient way of capturing and managing these potential transactions, then marketing efforts will fall flat (and perhaps even make matters worse).

7. Chatbots will command more of the lead distribution process

Bots are already used to answer questions and help lead conversion, but they’re also becoming more powerful integrators into your sales funnel. They can be used to generate leads and send them to a sales person, or they can even be trained to handle basic questions about your company and products, depending on how much information you want them exposed to. The more you use bots for these purposes, the less time human agents have to spend on these tasks (and the more time they have for higher-level work).


These trends are new and are expected to disrupt the industry in 2023.

  • They are expected to disrupt the industry because they are new.
  • They are also expected to disrupt the industry because they are convenient, as well as inexpensive.

This is a very basic overview of what these trends look like, but there’s more where that came from! We are excited to see how the real estate industry continues to evolve in 2023.

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