8 Expert Real Estate Marketing Tips

Being a successful Realtor is all about winning listings and lead velocity. Without marketing you won’t get new listings. Here’s 8 expert real estate marketing tips to drive leads and win listings

1. Buyer needs are important

You are working for the vendor who is selling their property, but what buyers need shouldn’t be disregarded. You’ll avoid time wasting if you get to know what is driving the buyers who are coming through the door. Understanding what their preferences are and their position in the buying cycle will ensure you can qualify them for your attention. On the other hand you might be able to direct them to different properties that better suit their needs.

2. Be visible online

Social media and online advertising is the way businesses connect with their target market now. If someone searches for a realtor in your area, do you appear in the first three search results? If not, it’s time to engage a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist. They will help you create an online presence that will drive your profile to the top of search results in your area, delivering a steady stream of leads to your inbox.

3. Reconnect

You’ve built a database of contacts but when was the last time you directly connected with them on a personal level? Since the global pandemic has turned most lives upside down, now is the perfect time to re-establish a connection with high quality contacts in your database. While it might be tempting to talk shop, instead talk about everything apart from real estate. This will bring you top of mind as a trusted professional who cares about their clients.

4. Leverage technology

Your vendors live in the modern world. Stand out from the crowd by leveraging technology in your property marketing to position yourself as an innovative expert in real estate marketing. Video is the leading form of content online, make sure it is included in every listing. You can livestream an open house or produce a matterport virtual tour. Likewise, engage a drone videographer to shoot footage of the property and surrounding points of interest.

5. Invest in photography

When buyers are scrolling endless social media feeds, do your listings stand out? Good quality photography will not only increase interest in the property, it will position you as a skilled marketer. In other words you will be portrayed as a Realtor who can broadcast the best features of a property to a content hungry audience.

6. Develop marketing assets

An asset is something that generates value over time. Does your marketing spend today, generate value in the future? Strategies such as cold calling or letterbox drops require investment to generate leads and when you stop investing, the leads stop generating. Choose to invest in marketing assets instead, that will continue to generate leads after you finish. For example, SEO is a good start, once a high ranking profile is established it requires little to no effort to maintain. However consider building a following on YouTube or Facebook through informational videos. These are low-cost strategies that will deliver leads indefinitely if your content is appealing to your audience.

7. Consistency

Once you’ve built an understanding of your audience, you must maintain consistent messaging through your marketing and content. Ensure your communication remains on brand by using pre-built online design templates. Develop a list of Call-To-Action phrases that resonate with your target audience and communicate with them in a way they value, through phone calls, email newsletters or social media.

8. Demonstrate your expertise

Are you an authority on real estate in your local area? Demonstrate it through these three steps to establish yourself in the eyes of your target audience as the local expert:

  1. Firstly, provide value by sending market reports, legislative changes, real estate trends and information about innovation within the industry
  2. Secondly, contribute and participate in projects that will raise your public profile as a trusted professional
  3. Then finally create a channel for your valued content, through video blogging, podcasting or written articles


These 8 expert real estate marketing tips give you the tools to establish and maintain a strong marketing presence. Importantly, it will focus you on the value you can provide and the marketing assets you establish will drive leads to your inbox.

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