9 Memorable and Effective Open House Ideas for Realtors

Open house ideas that are memorable and effective will generate more buyer interest and competitive offers.

1. Hit the pavement

As soon as you’ve secured your open home schedule, get out on the street and introduce yourself to the neighbours. A personal invite to the upcoming open home is a fantastic way to establish yourself as a local agent who is willing to go the extra mile for a seller.

2. Don’t be digitally quiet

Make sure you are actively promoting your open home times on all social media channels to drive more buyers to the property. Use Facebook to boost your posts in your target zip codes and consider other avenues like local groups, Craigslist or similar, to get the word out.

3. Do your homework

Complete your Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) the day before the open. It’s important that you brush up on other properties in the area for any recent equivalent sales to establish yourself as the local authority to potential buyers and neighbors in attendance. 

4. Be an early bird

Set up your open home signage early in the morning, don’t wait for the open home time to start. Using custom branded open home signs to establish your presence in the local area for zero cost.

5. Draw attention

Attach something physical like a flag with your branding that will draw people’s attention from the street. This will drive traffic through the front door.

6. Build your database

Use a tablet or laptop to collect attendee information as they arrive and correctly tag each person with the correct property. This helps automated follow up communications, as well as set reminders for yourself, to remain front and center.

7. Stream online

Get on Facebook and livestream your opens. Buyers unable to attend in person can still share the experience. If there are lots of attendees, live streaming can drive buyers fear of missing out to take action in a seller’s market.

8. Have a loan officer present

If you have a Lender or Loan Officer attending, it might be an opportunity to move an individual from curiosity to potential buyer if they’re better educated about their options.

9. Communicate with attendees promptly

Ensure you are thanking attendees for attending and offering additional information about your property within a few hours of the open. Completing this task immediately portrays yourself as diligent and organized, traits that they would be looking for in a Realtor when it comes time to sell their own property.

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