Campaign Management Fees in Property Marketing Software: A Call for Transparency

In the world of property marketing, Realtors and their teams rely on various software solutions. These platforms exist to streamline their daily tasks and improve efficiency. One key aspect of this process is the management of marketing campaigns. They specialize in generating quotes, creating print artwork, and other essential tasks. To access these features, users often encounter campaign management fees charged by software providers. However, there is a significant lack of transparency in the pricing structure of these fees, which can lead to confusion and frustration for customers.

The Hidden Cost of Campaign Management Fees

Campaign management fees are charges imposed by property marketing software providers to access their tools and services. These fees are typically applied on a per-property basis, and can range from $35 to over $250 for the same service and software.

The problem lies in the fact that different customers pay different fees depending on what they have directly negotiated with the software provider. This lack of pricing transparency can create an unfair advantage for some customers, as others may end up paying more for the same service.

Introducing ibenta: Transparent and Fair Pricing

In response to the need for a more transparent and fair pricing structure, ibenta has developed a property marketing solution that offers a flat $24.99 per month subscription fee. This pricing model eliminates the confusion and inconsistency often associated with campaign management fees.

With ibenta’s transparent pricing, Realtors and their teams can be confident their proposals are competitive. This removes the unfair advantages some Agencies gain from cheaper Campaign Management Fees.

Experience ibenta for Yourself

Furthermore, unlike other property marketing platforms, ibenta allows anyone to create an account with self signup. Gone are the days of lengthy on-boarding and training, you don’t even need a credit card to get started.

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