Convert leads with professional property marketing quotes

If you’re in charge of marketing a property, it’s vital to communicate your plan and the costs involved effectively with your vendor. This can be difficult when they’re inexperienced sellers and itemised marketing quotes will inspire confidence. To help make this process easier and prevent mistakes, top agents use automated software. Here’s how to convert leads with professional property marketing quotes.

Real Estate marketing costs stack up when you consider what it takes to launch a campaign

Real estate marketing costs are high because there’s a lot that goes into getting a property in front of potential buyers. To avoid ‘sticker shock’ an itemized marketing quote will detail all components of your marketing, providing peace of mind to your client.

A quote sets expectations and accountability

A quote is a contract. It details exactly how their marketing budget will be spent and the cost of each item. This allows your vendor to visualize each of your marketing items, from a signboard in front of their property, to social media marketing. 

By providing a quote and achieving acceptance, you will be held accountable for delivering what is promised. So how do you make sure you stay on top of your marketing and keep your vendors informed?

Real Estate Marketing Quote Software

Use software like Ibenta’s Marketplace to automatically generate your quote line items with accurate pricing, which feeds into Ibenta’s Task Manager to assign to collaborators and track progress.

Forget Word document templates and crossing your fingers hoping your marketing team remembers everything. There are no loose ends when you use software designed specifically for Real Estate Marketing to generate professional quotes and automatically assign tasks.

The importance of professional marketing quotes

Your Real Estate marketing quotes should spell out everything that you will be doing to market a vendor’s property. Your brand and appearance are professional, don’t settle for daggy generic quotes that may hide mistakes, choose a dedicated professional Real Estate solution.

Ibenta’s quote builder automatically loads all items from your property marketing campaign in a professional quote with your branding and details. It allows you to edit, remove or add anything you like using a WYSIWYG editor, from additional details, to photos and unique messages. 

You can customize your ibenta marketing quotes as much as you like, then use your preferred layout and design for all future quotes, regardless of how many items appear.


If you are looking to get started with professional real estate marketing quotes, then you need to get started with ibenta today. You’ll be impressing vendors immediately with professional error free marketing quotes in an instant.

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