CRM for Real Estate is unique

A good CRM tool can make managing any business easier and more efficient. But are they all created equal, or do you need a specialized CRM for Real Estate?

What is a CRM?

CRM (customer relationship management) is a database that stores information about your clients, including their contact information, history and preferences. CRM helps you keep track of your clients’ needs and wants so that you can better serve them.

Why is a CRM for Real Estate unique?

Real Estate specific CRM systems offer far more tools and features designed for agents. In addition to regular features mentioned above, they will also keep track of their contacts, leads and prospects. It can also help them track sales and generate more business by automating certain tasks like sending emails or scheduling appointments.

One way to use CRM is by organizing your customers into groups based on what they want or need from a real estate agent. For example:

  • you might create one group for buyers who are looking for investment properties
  • another group might include vendors who have listed with you previously
  • yet another group could include people who have attended opens but not actively buying or selling


CRM software helps agents organize their customers and leads. It aggregates all of an agent’s contacts in one place, and creates a detailed profile for each one. This can help you identify who your best leads are and how to get more of them.

Lead identification

You can use the information to identify your target market. Once you know who your best leads are, it’s easier to focus on them and get more of them. This gives you an edge over other agents who don’t have CRM software in place.

Marketing tasks

In addition to improving your sales process, boosting productivity or just staying organized, CRM for Real Estate will also help with marketing tasks.

Emailing valuable content such as market updates is a great way to remain relevant with your audience. A good CRM will give you the tools to selectively email your database of contacts using branded templates.

Pushing your property to a listings portal is critical in the digital age. CRM systems will not only allow you to upload your properties, they’ll also give you the tools to edit any of your current listings in real time.

With the right CRM for Real Estate, you will maximise your lead generation

If you’re a real estate agent, there’s no doubt that keeping track of your clients can be difficult.

To make things easier on yourself, consider using CRM software to manage all these contacts.

This type of software helps agents organize their customers and leads by tracking important details. Agents who use CRM for Real Estate qualify who are their best leads are at any given time. This can help them focus on what matters most!

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