Four unique ways to show your real estate clients you care during the holidays

To show your real estate clients you care, simply send them a holiday card or check in with them over the phone. You can also plan to meet with your clients during the New Year. And if you have time and budget for it, consider sending a gift card or flowers to their office. These are four unique ways to show your real estate clients you care during the holidays, which is important for building trust in any relationship.

Check in for a quick hello

You can show your clients you care by checking in with them. Check in by calling or texting them throughout the day, asking how they’re doing and what their plans are. Ask about their family and friends as well as their business and goals for the year. You’ll gain a greater understanding of who they are, what’s going on in their lives, and how to help when it’s time to sell or buy a home.

The holidays are an especially busy time for real estate agents, so make sure you take this opportunity to connect with your clients on a personal level—not just because it’s required but because you genuinely want to get to know them better!

Send a holiday card

While you’re already sending out personalized postcards for your listings, why not send out some cards with a personal touch to homeowners who aren’t currently on the market? Sending a personalized holiday card is a great way to connect with clients and show them that you care about their lives outside of real estate. They’ll appreciate receiving something in their mailbox other than bills! Plus, it’s easy enough to do digitally via email—you can copy and paste last year’s info into this year’s template, change up the text, then send it off as soon as it’s finished printing.

If you’re thinking about going old school with physical mailings (which I recommend), then think about sending an inexpensive gift along with your card. You can choose anything from coffee mugs or candy tins to homemade cookies and homemade cards made by kids in the family home—whatever strikes your fancy at this point will work just fine!

Send a gift.

  • For your clients: Send a gift to the people you worked with over the year. A personalized card and thoughtful gift shows them how much you appreciate their business. Here’s a hot tip; collaborate with local businesses to gift a voucher for their services that you will pay on redemption, that way you have very little initial outlay and only pay for the gifts that are used (and appreciated!)
  • For their staff: The same applies for the staff of those you work with. Make sure to include those who may not be as involved in dealing with you directly but are still meaningful parts of your client’s lives (e.g., receptionist, office manager).
  • For family members: If there are any other immediate relatives that live in the area where your real estate business is located, consider sending them a small token of appreciation as well! This could be an arrangement from a local florist or even just a small bouquet from Trader Joe’s—but whatever it is, let them know how much they mean to both yourself and your clients!
  • Friends/others: Send gifts to friends who are not directly connected with real estate (or simply some fun stuff for yourself)! This can include something like golf balls so that they can show off their new hobby or maybe something else entirely like spending time together at one of these places near you both!

Plan to meet in the New Year

First and foremost, plan to meet with your clients in the new year. You could ask them how they’re doing and what their plans are for next year. This allows you to provide support while also gathering information that might be useful for future marketing efforts (e.g., potential referral sources). It’s also easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle of life and forget that our clients need us just as much as we need them!


When it comes to your clients, you want to be sure that they know how much you care about them. The holidays are a great time to show them this in a personal way, with simple, thoughtful gestures that let them know that you appreciate their business. By doing so, you can ensure they feel valued and appreciated—and with better customer service comes more sales!

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