How to automate your open homes

Open homes are a great way to generate leads and showcase your properties, but they can be quite time-consuming. If you’re looking for a way to enhance the customer experience and how to automate your open homes, then you should consider using Open Home by Ibenta.

Guest details

Collecting guest details

As soon as you have guests, you want to get their names, email addresses, phone numbers and age. If they tell you their occupation or income then that’s great too. You can also ask for their home address if it is within the property boundaries – this helps a lot when setting up reports later on!

Asking for feedback about the property

At the end of every open home always ask people what they think of the property so far and if there was anything missing from inside. This gives you an idea of where the property fits in the market and what information might be missing from your marketing.

Feedback and comments

You can automate your feedback and comments using Open Home software for the sign-in process. Not only will this make it easier for guests to provide their contact information and preferences, but it will also enable you to track which homes are most popular with visitors and what they say about them.

Send an email to your guest after the inspection

It’s important to send a thank you email to each guest who attends your open home. This is the perfect opportunity to provide valuable information about the property, such as links to photos and floor plans on your website.


  • A link to the inspection report (if there was one)
  • A link for them to view more details about the property
  • A link for them to view upcoming open homes in their area

Share properties to your social media networks

Sharing properties on your social media networks is a great way to build relationships online and attract buyers. If you have multiple properties that are ready for showings, it can be time-consuming to share them manually over and over again. Instead, use automation tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance so they go out at the optimal times.

Use a scheduling tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite to automatically post updates about new properties as soon as they’re listed. This will save you from having to think about when each one should go live and how often it should be posted—allowing more time for other tasks in the process!

Fully automate your open homes with ibenta’s Open Home app

Ibenta’s Open Home is a cloud-based app for mobile and laptop that is designed to manage your open homes on site. With this tool, you will be able to track the status of each individual property and people attending your opens. This way, you will not need to manually update your calendar or contact database after each open. All attendees are automatically tagged for each property they visit, allowing you to automate your email communications to prospective buyers and potential sales leads.


Automating your open home management process is the best way to make sure that you maximise your return on investment with an open home. Not only is it easier for you to manage and keep track of, but it also improves your sales by increasing the number of people who book inspections and respond to marketing materials.

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