How to fast track property listings to market

When the supply of listings dries up, traditional marketing schedules need to adapt. If you have vendors stress selling, they need to get their property on the market as quickly as possible. In this article we explore methods to fast track property listings while avoiding common mistakes that may jeopardize your sale.

  1. Hire a professional photographer and videographer to create high-quality images and videos that showcase the property’s features and benefits. Don’t worry about bad weather, photo retouching can overcome the gloomiest of days.
  2. Create a property website or landing page that provides detailed information about the property, including its unique selling points, floor plans, and virtual tours.
  3. Utilize social media channels to promote the property to a wider audience, including targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  4. Consider hosting a virtual open house to allow potential buyers to view the property from the comfort of their own home.
  5. Focus on the property’s unique selling points in all marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, and print ads.
  6. Leverage email marketing to reach out to potential buyers and promote the property’s key features.
  7. Proactively communicate with buyers agents who have an established network of contacts and can quickly promote the property to potential buyers.
  8. Utilize technology and tools, such as virtual staging and 3D floor plans, to showcase the property in a unique and engaging way.

By implementing these tips, you can fast track a property listing to market and generate interest from potential buyers. However, it is important to remember that a successful property listing requires a well-planned marketing strategy using automated task management tools like ibenta’s Tasks, competitive pricing, and a thorough understanding of the local market conditions.

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