How to get ahead with remote or outsourced real estate support teams

Your team is a critical part of the listing and selling process. They help you make sure that your clients get the best possible property selling experience. Outsourced real estate support has risen in popularity, but managing these workers is not always easy.

Managing remote workers can be difficult

Remote workers can be a challenge to manage. You can’t see their work environment or body language, and you may not know if they’re stressed out or in a bad mood. You don’t have direct access to them when you need it, and that can lead to problems with productivity and quality of work.

Hybrid workers are a catch-22

Hybrid workers can be a catch-22. They’re not always the best solution, but they’re also not always a bad one. Hybrid workers are generally happier because of their increased work-life balance. Eliminating a daily commute during the workweek is a big gain in personal time for many people.

However hybrid workers can make management difficult. Without direct supervision from someone who knows what they’re doing and knows how to do it well, there’s always room for error when working remotely. You have no way of knowing if what your team is doing is correct until after it’s done, or not done.

If there isn’t any face-to-face interaction between supervisors/managers and employees during business hours, then how do we know whether or not our instructions were followed correctly?

Outsourced workers need more attention

Outsourced workers are a great option for helping your team grow and scale, but they need clear guidance. Without the benefit of working in the same location, context can be difficult to understand without sufficient training.

Ibenta’s campaign task management is the perfect solution teams working across multiple locations

If your team consists of agents and their assistants out on the road, as well as a blend of office based, remote or outsource support staff, ibenta’s task manager has been designed to keep your listings on track.

Real estate listings are complex, with many steps, people and providers involved in each step of the process. Managing those moving parts can be difficult, which is why Ibenta has developed its campaign task management platform to make things easier on you and your team members by keeping them organized and on track throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Ibenta’s campaign task management is automated. Each listing automatically creates and assigns tasks with due dates to the right people on your team. With customizable statuses, and in-app notifications, you will always have the latest listing statuses available wherever you are.


Ibenta is the perfect solution for any real estate listing project management. Best of all, it’s free to trial, no credit card required!

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