How to make flyers for Real Estate

Flyers for Real Estate remain a key component of property marketing. They’re a great way to showcase the best features of your listing, they can be delivered or handed out in person. When a potential buyer leaves an open home with a flyer, it gives them a physical connection to the property.

They’re also useful for helping buyers visualize their new space before closing. In this post we’ll explore how to design your own branded flyers with the best online software available.

Real Estate Flyer

A real estate flyer is a printed advertisement that promotes the sale of a property. It can be used to inform potential buyers about the location and features of a particular house or apartment, as well as provide information on how they can contact you if they’re interested in seeing it in person.

Real estate flyers are usually distributed by mail or handed out at open houses, but some people also post them digitally online using social media or listing portals.

The design of your flyer will depend on your personal brand and the messaging you want to share with your audience. A good online design solution will offer a variety of flexible branded templates that effectively market your listings.

Real Estate Flyer Templates

Ibenta Real Estate Flyer Templates are high quality, easy to use and feature a variety of themes. They’re also available in multiple formats, orientations, pages and sizes, so you can choose the one that’s right for you!

Every ibenta template comes with different layouts and photo variations. Most importantly though, they all look great, no matter what type of property you’re promoting.

Ibenta Artwork

Artwork is ibenta’s online design tool. It is a browser based software that loads instantly and saves automatically, taking the headaches out of your design experience.

  • Listing and agent details prefill, saving time and reducing chances of mistakes
  • You can add your own images, graphics, logos and text
  • The designs are easy to use with in-line editing features, just click on your design to type

Send to any printer

The flyer you create in ibenta Artwork can be sent to any printer. Ibenta automatically creates a print ready high resolution CMYK PDF for your to download or save in your listing.


If you are looking to create real estate flyers and brochures, then ibenta Artwork is the fastest online design solution available, designed specifically for Real Estate. Best of all, it’s free to sign up, no credit card required.

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