How To Optimize Every Property Journey With A Real Estate Marketing Platform

The real estate industry is evolving rapidly, and a Real Estate marketing platform transformation is underway. The entire property journey needs to be optimized in order to deliver a superior user experience.

Real estate marketing platforms are designed specifically for real estate professionals in order to streamline their workflows and boost sales. They enable you to create better content faster than ever before, while still having full control.

The property journey

The property journey is the process of listing, marketing and selling a property. It begins when a lead is converted into a listing, then goes through the marketing process and ends with settlement. Your real estate marketing platform should be able to help you at each stage of this journey in order to optimize your results.

The Real Estate marketing property journey

Real Estate marketing platform

A real estate marketing platform is an online tool that allows you to do real estate marketing. It’s a system of connected applications, each designed to complete a particular step in the property journey. These steps include marketing schedule creation, online design and listing on property portals.

With a real estate marketing platform, you can:

  • Make your properties more visible by displaying all of them on one website or across multiple websites.
  • Market them faster by automating tasks such as uploading photos, updating descriptions and pricing information
  • Sending emails about open houses or showings directly
  • Provide an exceptional user experience by providing quick access to all relevant information about each listing in one place on desktop or mobile

Workflow and collaboration

Workflow is a key part of the property journey when marketing listings.

Listing and selling property follows repeatable steps for every campaign. While there may be unique aspects to a home, the process of marketing is well established and replicated on every listing. The ability to share information instantly with your team members makes it possible to achieve high levels of efficiency and maintain team cohesion.

Ibenta’s Campaign Tasks are templates that allow you to create repeatable steps for each listing. They allow you to automatically plan and assign tasks to your team so you know every step is covered without having to reinvent the wheel each time.

For example, if every listing requires professional photography to be booked, ibenta will automatically assign a task for each new property to the correct person in your team and set a due date.

Real Estate marketing platform summary

The real estate industry is constantly changing, and so are the needs of real estate professionals. A successful marketing platform requires an agile approach that can adapt to these changes quickly and effectively. With a real estate marketing platform like ibenta, your team will be able to stay ahead of the game by providing automation and collaboration tools for every listing.

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