How to use Campaigntrack, everything you need to know

Campaigntrack is a real estate marketing platform for real estate agencies to market their property listings. It helps with campaign management, quote generation and online design. If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested to how to use Campaigntrack

Once you have imported your listing from your CRM into Campaigntrack you will be able to generate a marketing quote from your shopping cart and start designing your print marketing like brochures and signboards. Campaigntrack will also give you the tools to reconcile your marketing spend at the end of the campaign.


ibenta is an automated property marketing platform designed specifically for real estate Agents & Agencies.

It will save you time, money and stress as a single property marketing platform for your office. Ibenta offers gorgeous, on-brand property marketing campaigns for social media and print in minutes, not hours.

Additionally because it has customizable marketing workflows, it suits any real estate office worldwide. All your listing data is held in one place with reports/dashboards to make it easy to manage and track progress. Best of all, you can collaborate in-app from the road with your team to eliminate bottlenecks and keep your listings on track

Ibenta is unique because it has been built with the latest technology for speed and efficiency, while offering a class leading user experience. You can create a free account without a credit card and experience ibenta yourself.

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