Ibenta’s Real Estate Task Management automates your property marketing journey

In the fast-paced world of real estate, agents are constantly juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities. From scheduling property viewings to managing client relationships, the demands of the industry can be overwhelming. That’s where Ibenta’s Real Estate task management tool comes in, revolutionizing the way real estate agents and their teams approach property marketing.

The Challenges of Property Marketing

For real estate agents, marketing a property is a crucial aspect of their job. It involves a multitude of tasks, such as:

  • Creating and updating property listings
  • Scheduling and conducting property viewings
  • Coordinating with photographers, stagers, and other professionals
  • Designing and distributing marketing collateral
  • Tracking marketing campaigns and analyzing their success

These tasks can be time-consuming and challenging to manage, especially for agents handling multiple properties simultaneously. The need for an efficient solution to streamline these tasks is evident.

Introducing Ibenta’s Task Management Tool

Ibenta’s task management tool is designed specifically to address the challenges faced by real estate agents in their property marketing journey. This powerful tool automates the process, allowing agents to focus on what matters most: building relationships with clients and closing deals.

Key Features of Ibenta’s Task Management Tool

  1. Automated Property Listing Creation and Updates: Ibenta automatically generates property listings based on the information provided by the agent. This includes property photos, descriptions, and key details. Once created, this information is automatically integrated with all other ibenta tools.
  2. Smart Scheduling for Property Viewings: The task management tool simplifies the process of scheduling property viewings with ibenta’s Open Home tool. This automatically syncs with your calendar and helps manage appointments more efficiently.
  3. Client Inquiry and Follow-up Management: All your campaign tasks are automatically generated and assigned, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.
  4. Collaboration with Industry Professionals: The task management tool makes it easy for agents to collaborate with photographers, stagers, and other professionals involved in the property marketing process. Agents can assign tasks, share updates, and communicate seamlessly through the platform on both mobile and desktop.
  5. Mobile Friendly: Ibenta’s app provides real-time data on the status of your marketing campaigns. This allows you to answer vendor questions in real time, without the need to call the office

The Benefits of Automating the Property Marketing Journey

By automating the property marketing journey with ibenta’s Task Manager, real estate agents can experience a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Better collaboration with providers and professionals
  • Real time reporting of campaign status
  • More time to focus on relationship-building and closing deals


Ibenta’s task management tool is a game-changer for real estate agents looking to streamline their property marketing journey. By automating various tasks and providing valuable insights, the tool allows agents to work more efficiently and effectively, ultimately leading to increased success in the competitive real estate industry.

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