Make your listings stand out with these real estate photography tips

Real estate photography can be difficult, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. But it doesn’t have to be! We’ve compiled a list of useful tips that will help even the most inexperienced photographer get started.


Before you take photos, make sure that the house is clean and clear of clutter

  • Move as much as you can into closets and drawers
  • Remove personal items, like photos or artwork that may be hanging on the walls
  • Hide or move out of shot any items that don’t belong in the room (e.g., toys).
  • Remove the microwave if it’s on the kitchen bench

Make sure your images are sharp

To get sharp real estate photography images, use a medium aperture like F8 or F11 to get the correct dept of field.

At this depth of field, your property will be sharp from about 1.5m to infinity, perfect for outdoor shots of large facades.

Place furniture carefully

In general, avoid placing furniture against walls because this creates unwanted shadows on certain areas of the room. Also avoid centering objects (such as beds) – it may seem like a good idea at first but it’ll look much better if you slightly crop off some empty space around them instead!

When taking photos of a room, you should be able to move around it without stepping on any of your furniture. This makes for cleaner shots that are less cluttered and easier to edit later on.

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