Mass Email Campaigns through Real Estate CRM

As the present time continues to be defined by the ever developing modern technology, many aspects of our lives also adapt to such. For instance, you have various businesses embracing digital platforms. It’s long been established that real estate is a prime example of this – especially in the widespread use of websites, as well as social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Apart from these, there are more functionalities out there that the real estate industry can take advantage of. One of them is Real Estate CRM or customer relationship management, specifically in mass email campaigns or marketing. 

Email marketing through Real Estate CRM

Through mass email campaigns, users are provided the opportunity to create, schedule as well as release projects throughout their database – all from real estate CRM. Creativity is also maximised through the availability of imported brand templates that are conducive with drag-and-drop editing functionalities for next level content editing. Supported content types include: text, images, buttons, listings and more.

Real Estate CRM reporting

As soon as campaign materials have been distributed, detailed reports and analytics are delivered to the agents in order to pave the way for new leads and business opportunities. These types of content are absolutely configurable for users to make messages throughout each and every stage of the clients’ buy, sell and referral processes. As a bonus, mass email  campaigns also perfectly work together with custom objects, such as Listings and Contacts, which those other third party applications do not.

Branded content

With all these advantageous functionalities, creating professional-looking branded campaigns are at their most convenient. Pre-formatted templates are available for you to take advantage of, whether it would be for branding, designing or configuring your email marketing content according to your business’ specific voice, needs, desires and goals. 

Marketing schedules

As soon as your campaign materials are all set, all you have to do is to prepare a schedule for their immediate delivery, noting the specific time, dates and frequency of your choosing. Through this new feature, you will be pleased to know that you’ll be able to send multiple types of email campaigns! These include newsletters, listing inventory updates, brand building, testimonials and so much more. Your beloved clients and leads are now literally just a click away from gaining access to the wide selection of updates, testimonials and branding content your office has to offer.

Next steps

New users who are not completely savvy with these functions and features are not to worry because as much as these are designed to provide great advancements to the business, they are also made to be truly easy to use to give everyone the opportunity to be able to use fantastic tools in elevating their branding.

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