Online design for Real Estate flyers will save you time

No matter how large or small your real estate business is, you need to find ways to get the word out about your properties. Flyers are an easy and affordable way to do this. You can create flyers from scratch using software like Adobe InDesign, but there are so many other options available online that make designing your own promotional materials much easier than it used to be. Here’s everything you need to know about online design for real estate flyers.

Design from anywhere, whenever

One of the biggest benefits of online design is that you can create your marketing content in your own time.

Using traditional methods limits your ability to create your flyers quickly and easily. You might have to wait for a designer to respond to your request, or have difficulty getting changes made quickly.

Online design gives you the tools to design your marketing flyers from your browser or smartphone without delay.

Reaching your audience with online design tools

Clever online design tools like ibenta’s Artwork do more than just flyers. Because they’re tailored for Real Estate, you can quickly generate your socials, signboards and other marketing content from your flyer design without any hassle.

ibenta also gives you the ability to post your new designs directly to your social channels. Definitely not possible with traditional flyer design!

Even better, ibenta has free sign up, no credit card required.

Ready to create your flyers?

Create a flyer in minutes with ibenta’s Artwork! Here’s what it can do:

  • Create professional-looking flyers in just a few clicks. Ibenta artwork templates are easy to use and come with dozens of real estate specific designs ready to go
  • Save time by using pre-designed layouts, which use your color schemes and logo
  • Your details and the property key features automatically populate your design
  • Export directly to high resolution PDF for print

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