Real Estate marketing apps like Campaigntrack

Successful Agents need to be able to manage their listings well in order to make sure they get the best results. One option is by using Real Estate marketing apps like Campaigntrack, which will help them manage their listing campaigns.

What is Campaigntrack

Campaigntrack is a real estate marketing platform that helps you to manage your property listings from quote to design stage. The app has many features and can be used by all real estate marketing professionals, whether they’re newbies or experienced professionals.

Who uses campaigntrack

Primary users of Campaigntrack are Real Estate marketing professionals, both office based marketing teams and agents and their assistants.

If you’re a real estate agent, then you’ll know how important it is to ensure all your marketing tasks are completed efficiently to ensure a smooth sale. You’ll want to use Real Estate marketing apps like Campaigntrack on every listing.

Are there any alternatives to Campaigntrack?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Campaigntrack, we’d recommend looking at ibenta. It also helps you manage your listings, plus features like:

  • Save time, money and stress by using a single property marketing platform for your office
  • Gorgeous, on-brand property marketing campaigns for social media and print in minutes not hours
  • Customizable marketing workflows to suit any real estate office anywhere
  • All your data in one place with reports/dashboards to make it easy to manage and track progress
  • Collaborate in-app from the road with your team to eliminate bottlenecks and keep your listings on track

Ibenta is a Real Estate marketing app that powers the entire property journey

From preparing your listing proposal, to generating appraisals, managing your marketing tasks, generating quotes, designing for print and socials as well as financial reconciliation, ibenta covers the entire property marketing journey.


Ibenta offers a fast and modern real estate marketing platform that is flexible and saves you time on admin. Best of all, it’s free to sign up, no credit card required!

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