Real Estate marketing opportunities and challenges in 2023

The real estate marketing industry faces continuous change, especially in the past year. These disruptions have resulted in increased competition for real estate marketing professionals and companies. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the challenges that are facing real estate marketers today.

Automation and artificial intelligence

AI is a powerful tool for real estate marketing. It can automate the process of analyzing data and creating reports, as well as help real estate agents identify their best leads.

For content creation, there will be a big leap in AI generated copy within the industry. Drawing from millions of previous listings, AI is able to customize your listing’s text in an instant.

AI also has the potential to help agents target the right prospects, which will be especially important in 2023 when consumers are more aware than ever about how their personal information is being used.

Younger buying demographics

Younger buyers are more likely to use digital media, social media and online search. They are also more likely to use online video.

Younger buyers tend to be averse to traditional marketing methods such as print advertising and direct mail because they prefer digital channels like email, social media or videos on YouTube. In fact, millennials prefer watching video content over reading text content by a factor of three-to-one.

Increase in Real Estate marketing tech investments

As technology continues to become more accessible, networks will look to provide value-add software solutions for their Agents. Platforms like ibenta give agents and agencies control over their property marketing like never before

As technology becomes more sophisticated, it also becomes more affordable. This is especially true when it comes to real estate marketing strategies. Real estate professionals can now get a lot more bang for their buck by investing in new technologies that can help them reach consumers and sell properties faster than ever before.

Real Estate marketing partnerships

Real estate software solutions are partnering with real estate agents to provide better services and products. Expect to see a higher level of integration between solutions in 2023 to streamline the marketing process.

More digital marketing spend

Real estate companies are investing in digital marketing as a way to increase sales and reach new customers. In fact, 70% of real estate companies are looking at digital marketing as the best way to reach more people who are not currently buying real estate.

Think about that for a moment: if you’re not currently using digital marketing or considering using it, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity!


The real estate industry is getting more and more competitive. There are many challenges ahead for real estate marketing professionals in 2023, but there are also opportunities to capitalize on. The rise in automation and artificial intelligence means that real estate agents will need to find new ways of reaching their clients, while younger buyers aren’t as interested in traditional advertising methods like print ads or billboards. This means that we should expect more digital marketing spend from companies who want their products sold online rather than offline

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