Real Estate marketing schedule – insider knowledge

Listing and selling a property requires a marketing campaign and each campaign requires multiple products and services. This is where a Real Estate marketing schedule is essential. This document provides a list to a vendor of all products and services which will be executed on their behalf, as well as quoting any costs involved, to market their property.

Therefore in this article we’re going to deep dive into Real Estate marketing schedules, what you need to include and how to create them with a click of a button.

Build your Real Estate marketing schedule from existing products and services

As a Real Estate professional, you will have a variety of suppliers who provide professional property marketing services like printing or photography. Using a Real Estate marketing platform like ibenta will allow you to manage and select these products and services for your listings.

Simply choose the individual products or services from your ibenta Marketplace to add them to your schedule. However if you’re organised and want to save time, you can use a Saved Package to instantly load your standard marketing products and services to every new schedule.

Personalize the schedule with unique messaging and/or photo of the home

Ibenta’s quote builder allows you to tailor each schedule with details that are specific to the listing

  • Add a photo of the home
  • Include a personalized message to the vendor
  • Insert a notification about an upcoming event, or holiday greetings

Get creative with infinitely customizable options

Ibenta’s quote builder gives you control over your entire marketing schedule appearance and content.

Not only can you change the text and add your own flair, you can also choose from a selection of background colors, fonts and graphics to customize your quote. And if you’re feeling really creative, add entire new sections such as team introductions or local area results.

Set links back to your site or payment portal

Ibenta’s Quote Builder supports URL links that can direct vendors to websites for further information, or even your payment portal.

Use this feature to simplify the payment process, avoiding any messy payment paperwork and privacy concerns.

Add your social media marketing portfolio

Adding a image gallery to your schedule to showcase your social media marketing portfolio is a great way to show off your work and secure the listing. It also helps you stand out from the crowd, as most other agents won’t be sharing this, so it’ll make you look like an expert in social media marketing.

Send the Real Estate marketing schedule to the vendor directly from Ibenta

When you’re happy with your marketing schedule, you can download it as a PDF directly to your desktop and save it to the campaign’s files in ibenta.

To share with your vendor, simply go the the Files section of your campaign, choose the quote PDF you want to send and click on the kebab icon to select Share. Input your vendor’s details and click Send to email it to them.

ibenta’s quote builder is the easiest way to generate a Real Estate marketing schedule

The ibenta quote builder is the fastest way to generate marketing schedules. We’ve made it easy to build your own quote by choosing from your selection of products and services, adding images and text, and personalizing the appearance. You can even email it directly to the vendor once complete. So what are you waiting for?

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