Real Estate signboard template insider tips

A signboard is one of the most important components of property marketing. It’s an opportunity to be creative and engage with potential buyers, but also a shortcut to generating brand awareness in the local community. Therefore it needs to be designed well if you want it to attract attention. Here are some Real Estate signboard template ideas to make sure yours stand out!

Bold but simple design

  • Use a bold font
  • Make sure the colors are easy to read and understand
  • Make sure your design is memorable compared to other brands

Yes to a large photo

If you want to attract attention and show off your property in the best light, then a large photo is the way to go. Prospective buyers will be able to picture themselves living in your home by seeing inside.

Easy to read fonts

You will want to use a font that is easy to read. You should also make sure the font is large enough and in a contrasting color from your signboard. This will make it easier for people who are driving by or walking past.

Use the main color of your brand on your Real Estate signboard template

The first thing you should do is use the main color of your brand. The color will give it more credibility and make people trust you more.

Next, use a contrasting color for the font. You can choose between black or white but either way, it has to be different from your main logo colors since they are used so often in marketing materials that they become boring if used repeatedly.

Finally, choose yet another contrasting shade as border around all text boxes on this signboard template. This makes them stand out much better than if they were left plain white which tends not look similar to other brands in the area.

Emphasize key details about the property

  • Key features like bedrooms, bathrooms and parking, plus your contact details, are the most important details to include on your sign
  • Choose sizes that are large enough to be visible from a distance
  • Include photos of the interior or rear of the property to highlight its best features
  • Your signboard template must have your phone number, email and property website url at a minimum

A good Real Estate signboard template will have a bold but simple design, a large picture, easy-to-read fonts, and key information.

A good signboard will have a bold but simple design, a large picture, easy-to-read fonts, and key information. Your goal is to draw in potential buyers or tenants with an eye-catching image that immediately communicates what type of property it’s advertising.

Achieve this effect is by using expertly designed Real Estate signboard templates through online design solutions like ibenta.

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