Say goodbye to Campaign Management Fees

When it comes to real estate marketing, one of the most important aspects to a successful listing is effective campaign management. This usually involves a variety of tasks, such as creating and distributing promotional materials, marketing quotes, schedules and reconciliation. To execute these tasks, some Agents use marketing software that charge campaign management fees (CMF).

In this blog post, we’ll explore what these fees are, how they can make your listing proposals noncompetitive, and how offers a zero campaign management fee solution for Real Estate Agents.

The Impact of Campaign Management Fees on Listing Proposals

Campaign management fees have an impact on the overall cost of a real estate marketing campaign. These fees, which are charged by software providers, can be a hidden cost. Your listing proposal will be less competitive in the market. As a result, you may struggle to win listings in a tight market with price sensitive vendors.

The Problem with High Campaign Management Fees

When a vendor is comparing your listing costs with a competitor, high campaign management fees are not a flexible item. While you can choose a smaller signboard to save money, you cannot reduce your CMF.

Therefore your marketing schedule will be more expensive as a result. For price sensitive vendors, this might be the difference between winning or losing the listing.

How Reduces Marketing Costs for Real Estate Agents offers a solution to this problem by not charging campaign management fees.

That’s right, zero campaign management fees.

This allows your listing proposals to be more competitive, as the overall cost of the marketing campaign is reduced. In turn, this can help you win more listings and ultimately achieve greater success in a highly price sensitive market.

Best of all ibenta is free to sign up, no credit card required.

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