The best property marketing platform right now

A property marketing platform is a powerful online tool that helps Agents and Agencies market their listings. In this article, we’ll explain they work and why you need one.

What does a property marketing platform do and how does it work?

A property marketing platform is a software that helps you manage your property marketing. This means that the journey from appraisal, marketing schedule generation, content creation, listing and financial reconciliation happens in one place.

The best property marketing platforms are those that provide user friendly solutions for all the following:

  • Create and manage property listings
  • Centrally manage marketing tasks with calendar integrations
  • Generate marketing schedules
  • Order and create content like photos and copy
  • Design and produce marketing collateral like flyers, signs and social tiles
  • Create and manage property events like open homes
  • Facilitate marketing spend reconciliation

Most property marketing platforms will integrate with your existing CRM system. This means you can automatically feed your properties from one to the other. Once the listing is created inside your property marketing platform, you’re able to begin the process of marketing the property.

The benefits of using a property marketing platform

The benefits of using a property marketing platform are numerous.

Property Marketing Platforms keep you and your team organized. All the required steps are contained in a single place. It gives you the ability to collaborate with your team, as well as receive in-app notifications.

Your marketing schedules are professionally generated with the latest pricing, ready to send to your providers such as photographers, printers or even internally for social media tasks.

All marketing collateral like flyers, signboards or social media content is created with online templates that are specifically designed for Real Estate. These are customized to brand automatically, ensuring everyone in your office is producing high quality consistent marketing. Even more importantly, they’re all pre-populated with your listing’s details, which saves time and ensures accuracy compared to generic online design alternatives.

Why ibenta helps you save time and money.

Other property marketing platforms have rigid workflows, forcing you to progress your property marketing according to the processes they impose. Ibenta is the property marketing platform that saves you time and money because it has been specifically created to automate your existing proven processes.

Ibenta’s unique task management solution gives you the tools to move your unique listing and marketing process online, eliminating errors and missed tasks. Whatever your recipe for success, ibenta will automate it.

Because Ibenta is built for mobile and desktop, this means your team can collaborate from the office and on the road, with instant notifications. If a vendor wants an update on their campaign, all your answers are right there on your phone.

Best of all, ibenta is a cost effective solution with no-nonsense pricing that is far less than other platforms and easy to understand.

Why ibenta is the best property marketing platform

  • Built with the best user experience in mind to be lightning fast
  • Incorporates your existing proven marketing processes
  • The only property marketing platform that offers a mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Intuitive interface using best-in-class tech to eliminate staff training burden
  • No credit card required to sign up, with a 21 day free trial


If you’re looking for a property marketing platform that will manage the entire property journey your way, then ibenta is the right choice. We have all the features you need in order to list and sell property in a fast and intuitive system, today.

For a zero obligation 21 day trial, no credit card required, click the button below and get started with ibenta for free.

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