Top 3 tips for property marketing and generating leads now

According to Zillow, homes that are sold from mid-March to mid-April sell for 2% more, and at a faster rate of 15% than average listings. As we head in to a busy period in a time of uncertainty, property marketing and lead generation has never been more important.

1. Study previous property marketing trends

As the selling season is the topic at hand, it’s more than vital to highlight timing as an important factor in marketing. Trends are never fixed, but they still provide a good set of information and statistics you can use as a guide and reference.

For maximized results, make it a point to research trends from the previous year in specific areas. This will help you capture the appropriate time and specific neighborhoods you’ll feature your listing on. 

Vendors will appreciate your insights which build confidence in your abilities.

2. Take advantage of the season’s community events

While modern day marketing is mostly done online, on the ground efforts are always better to develop an organic following. Widen your reach just by stepping outside and getting to know everyone in your local area. Organizing – and even sponsoring – community events and programs are some of the great ways to promote yourself.

3. Ensure excellent maintenance of home as part of property marketing

More than the home itself, there is also the surrounding yard to consistently care for. Make sure that the lawns are kept perfectly manicured, and that the garden beds are all nice and tidy. Organize a free landscaping workshop for new homeowners to get them all the more psyched to live in their new abodes. While you’re at it, you might want to take from the previous tip and hold this workshop in a local park to increase your engagement with the community. 

Include photos and insights from this type of events in your website to add character to your listing, and further strengthen your brand.

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