Top 4 Social Media Platforms for Real Estate Marketing

Across different industries, social media is prime position. Real estate is no exception to this. The innovations, reach and potential of this modern day technology are almost unrivalled. However, this does not mean that it is not without its own set of challenges, or required amount of hard work. Social media is much more complicated and multi-faceted than its superficial reputation. Its success stems from the calculated efforts and efficient strategies by those who use it. For starters, you’re going to have to select which platform you intend to use, in order to thoroughly outline your marketing plan. Here are our top 4 social media platforms for real estate marketing.

Still in the dark about which platform to use? Let us help you out! The things to look out for are a platform’s wide audience in the preferred age range, engaged users that belong to your area of expertise. Also consider the great capacity to truly target those potential clients and gather quality leads.

1. TikTok for Real Estate marketing

While generally considered to be for the younger generation, TikTok’s ever growing audience has now included professionals from various businesses. It’s also become one of the epicentres of viral videos – with these clips even trickling down to other social media sites.

What sets this app from others is its wide variety of in-app editing capabilities that let you provide livelier and more creative marketing content. Whether it would be connecting with other agents, browsing real estate clips or simply showcasing all the properties you’re selling, TikTok is sure to appeal.

2. Instagram

Real estate, as a business, relies on visuals – most of (if not all ) the time. Because of this, Instagram is an excellent use for it. Completing the equation are the app’s large user base and sophisticated advertising tools. It’s also tied in Facebook so running the same account and set of ads is easy. Additionally, you can seamlessly reply to prospective clients’ comments and messages right away, making your brand personal and friendlier.

3. Facebook for Real Estate marketing

Like its sister company Instagram, Facebook’s wide user base and advanced advertising tools are what make it a great hub for many businesses. It’s recognised for the functional tools that let you keep tabs on past clients, generate reviews and increase referrals;  all with much convenience and significantly less expenses.

Facebook’s rebranding to Meta also means heightening further advancements for marketing and targeted ads, making it an all the more ideal platform for real estate.

4. LinkedIn

If you work mostly with commercial properties and real estate investors, a top-to-bottom professional site like LinkedIn is your best bet. It’s not really known to be a place of direct, personal connections. This is where you will be establishing your brand and expertise, as well as engaging with different professionals to get to your target market or area.

Professionals you can add to your network here are home inspectors, appraisers, mortgage brokers as well as moving and relocation companies. 

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