Unique Online Design for Real Estate marketing features you will love

All Real Estate professionals rely on marketing to secure leads and drive sales. To ensure that your marketing is consistent and on brand, relying on a template based online design solution is your best strategy. A good online design solution will allow you to design for print and digital channels in a consistent user friendly way. So what makes generic solutions inefficient for the industry and what are some unique online design for Real Estate marketing features you will love?

1. Automatically loaded content

Content is king when it comes to marketing. Content is what your audience wants, and it can help you generate, then convert, more leads. Content is any type of information that a person finds useful or interesting. It can come in many forms, from social media posts, to printed material and video.

A good online design solution for Real Estate will automate the connection between your photography and copy writing content and your print and digital marketing.

Ibenta’s Artwork automatically loads your photos, as well as your agent, agency and property details, into your artwork designs. This saves you considerable time and prevents errors which can occur when repeatedly entering text into multiple designs.

2. Online Design for Real Estate branded templates

Design is critical for Real Estate marketing. Your brand and how it is implemented is a significant reason why people choose you to sell their property.

Leading online design for Real Estate solutions will automatically brand all your artwork with your correct colors and logos, as well as offering the ability to use your own branded templates for both print and digital.

Good news, Ibenta’s Artwork automatically applies your brand to all existing template themes, and you can also have your own branded templates available for all users to ensure consistency across your marketing.

3. Auto saving

Have you ever had your browser crash mid-design, or been distracted halfway through your work only to return and discover your creation hasn’t saved? This can be frustrating and require doubling up on work.

Auto saving your progress while you work is vital for all good online design solutions, so you never need to worry about forgetting to save or redoing your marketing work again and again.

Of course, Ibenta’s Artwork auto saves in the background while also offering unlimited undo and redo functionality. You can return to your partially completed designs at any time, immediately starting from where you left off, no effort required.

4. Speed and User Experience (UX)

Time is money and slow solutions are both frustrating and wasteful. Poorly designed interfaces or outdated systems make the process difficult and frustrating to learn.

The technology behind great online design for Real Estate solutions must be lightning fast as well as using a user friendly interface to ensure the entire process is easy to learn and efficient to use.

We’ve built Ibenta’s Artwork using industry best practices on robust AWS infrastructure, while providing users with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface that allows you to type directly on your designs. No more repeatedly checking and adjusting text, just type and go!


We are here to help you with your online design. We have decades of industry knowledge with class leading technology and user experience to give you the best possible results. If you’re looking for something better than your current solution, register for a free ibenta trial, no credit card required. We guarantee you’ll love Artwork, our online design for Real Estate marketing solution.

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