What does Realbase do and why do you need it?

Realbase is a Real Estate marketing company that helps create, manage and optimize property campaigns. The company has two platforms for agencies, Realhub and Campaigntrack. With these tools, you can manage your property marketing campaigns.

Realhub and Campaigntrack

Realhub and Campaigntrack are integrated marketing platforms that help create, manage and optimize property campaigns.

Both platforms enable you to generate marketing quotes, send purchase orders and design artwork for print.

In addition, Realbase offers add on services like digital proposals, google and facebook advertising.

ibenta is a modern alternative to Realbase

ibenta.com is a cloud-based marketing platform that manages the entire property journey on desktop and mobile.

The process of marketing property involves over 150 unique steps and tasks to be completed for a successful sale. Of course Real Estate Marketing Platforms like ibenta help Realtors, Agents and Real Estate marketing professionals complete these tasks to exceptionally high standards.

When marketing a property, these tasks include:

  • Sending digital or printed proposals
  • Creating marketing schedules/quotes for vendor approval
  • Ordering and storing content such as professional photography or copywriting
  • Designing flyers, signboards or other physical media and sending it to print
  • Generating social media content and posting it online
  • Tracking and reconciling marketing spend

When choosing your Real Estate marketing platform, ibenta will give you access to the latest Real Estate marketing technology on desktop and mobile. It’s fast, responsive and has the best in class user experience.

Ibenta’s team collaboration tools and task management will ensure all your listings progress in a professional and timely manner, eliminating those oversights and mistakes which can be costly.

Because you can sign up for a free 21 day trial without a credit card, there is no commitment or risk. If ibenta is a good fit for your team, the pricing is transparent and easily understandable.


The marketing world is constantly evolving, and marketers need to stay on top of new trends and technologies. The tools listed above will help you do just that by giving you the ability to create automated campaigns and manage customer data in one place.

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