Who are campaigntrack competitors and why you need them

You’re a modern agent who is at home on your smartphone. You want to know the status of your sales from anywhere and you’re facing pressure to reduce costs to remain competitive and win listings. If you’re looking for modern and easy to use Campaigntrack competitiors you will love, we explore them below.

1. ibenta.com

Ibenta is a low cost subscription based real estate marketing platform that helps power your real estate agency. Available on both mobile and desktop, ibenta is built around team collaboration and task management, with the following features

  • Industry best online design to create branded artwork for print and social media
  • Email marketing (EDM) with an easy to use editor to send regular updates to your database
  • Open Home app to manage your opens
  • Team and individual calendars for all your tasks and events
  • Sales pipeline to track listings and deals
  • File storage with share to provider or vendor functionality
  • Portal pushing to all major listing portals
  • Collaborate and delegate through automated campaign task management
  • and more!

2. Red HQ

Red HQ is a campaign fee based real estate marketing platform that is based in Melbourne, Australia. A desktop application, Red HQ provides agencies with property marketing tools such as

  • Staff intranet
  • Create branded artwork and send to print
  • Electronic Digital Mailer (EDM)
  • Portal pushing to all major listing portals
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Emag

3. Excel Australasia

Excel Australasia is a print company who have developed a real estate marketing platform, based in Carrum Downs, Australia. Focusing on providing print marketing to collateral to real estate agencies, Excel has the following features

  • Create branded artwork and send to print
  • Social media posting on Facebook and Instagram
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Order tracking


As you can see, there are many real estate marketing substitutes to Campaigntrack that you’ll love, try them and you’ll be winning listings and executing market leading campaigns in no time!

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