Why you’ll love using a property marketing task manager

If you want to do property marketing well, you need to manage your tasks well. So you’ll need a good tool for keeping track of all the different activities in your marketing schedule. Generic task managers like Trello are a great way to do that, but it can be hard to find the right property marketing task manager.

What is a property marketing task manager?

Property marketing task management is a system for managing the tasks involved in marketing a property. It’s important to have this system because it helps you stay organized and stay on top of things so that you don’t miss anything.

A property marketing task manager should have collaboration tools to allow you to assign tasks to other people in your team. Additionally, it should allow for people to work from the office or on the road seamlessly.

It is essential that the solution gives you control over the types of tasks that are involved and automates the process. Where appropriate, it should also allow you to set custom statuses and notifications.

Why is property marketing task management important?

Tasks are a way to track progress, stay focused, and get things done. They help you improve your business by keeping tabs on the work you need to get done each day or week. Without it, the progress and status of your marketing campaigns is a mystery and important items can be forgotten.

Tasks should be specific so that they can be completed in a reasonable amount of time without being overwhelming or vague. For example: “Create new listing social media post” versus “Create new content”. The former gives direction while still allowing room for creativity; while the latter leaves too much room for interpretation.

How to do property marketing task management well

The best property marketing task manager is the one that works for you. Don’t get caught up in the details; instead, focus on finding a tool that’s easy to use, shareable with your team and accessible from anywhere.

If you want to do property marketing well, you need to manage your tasks well.

If you want to do property marketing well, you need to manage your tasks well.

  • Plan. When it comes to marketing your property and getting it sold as quickly as possible, planning is key. Think about what needs doing and how long each task will take.
  • Manage & track progress against deadlines: Once you’ve created a plan for the various tasks involved with selling or renting out a house or flat then stick with that plan.
  • Make sure everyone who works on the project has access either physically or digitally so everyone knows what’s happening at any given moment

Ibenta’s Task Manager is integrated into your property marketing campaigns and calendar. Create a preset list of tasks within ibenta that can be automatically applied to each new listing. This ensures your marketing campaigns stay on track and nothing is forgotten.

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