WordPress for Real Estate websites – is it good enough?

WordPress is a great platform for websites because it allows users to create beautiful and effective sites without writing any code. With just a few clicks, you can customize your website’s look and feel to match your brand. But how suitable is WordPress for Real Estate agents and agencies?

WordPress for Real Estate benefits

It’s easy to use and maintain, fast and secure, flexible and can be used for many different types of websites. There are many free plugins available which make it even better than other platforms such as Drupal or Joomla.

You can customize your look and feel quickly.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which means that you can customize your website’s look and feel to match your brand, and you can do it quickly. Here are some examples of how you might want to customize:

  • Change the color scheme. WordPress offers numerous themes that allow you to change the colors used throughout your site. These changes will affect everything from fonts and background images all the way down through buttons on forms or links in posts or pages.
  • Change the fonts used by default throughout all pages, posts, pages and comments on your blog if desired! You have complete control over typography here too!
  • Change layouts by changing where content appears on any given page or post; choose between left sidebars or right sidebars with no problem at all

WordPress for Real Estate plugins

WP Property

WP Property is a real estate WordPress plugin that allows you to list properties, manage your listings and create a website for your business. It’s free, open source, easy to install and configure.

It integrates with Google Maps so that users can search for properties using their location or by using the map widget provided by WP Property. You can also use this plugin to add property search forms on any page of your site as well as include interactive maps with all available listings marked on them.

WP Property allows you to create a property gallery which displays all images associated with each individual listing in an attractive way; this makes it easier for potential buyers/tenants/etc., who may be interested in more than one place at once but don’t want all their attention drawn away from what’s currently being viewed (i..e: jumping back & forth between tabs).

WP Zestimate

This plugin is a great way to show off your property’s Zestimate, which is the value that Zillow gives your home. It can be integrated with Google Maps and Street View so people can see what their neighborhood looks like from all angles.

Easy Map Maker

Easy Map Maker is a simple plugin that allows you to add a map to any page or post. You can choose from a variety of options for the look and feel of your maps, including what information is displayed on them and where it’s positioned. You can also add multiple maps to one page, which makes it easy to create an interactive experience with multiple locations at once.

Easy Map Maker also supports custom post types so if you want an easy way for clients or customers to display their properties online, this plugin will work great!


A great way to get your listings out there is by creating a directory. You can add your property listings and create a map of all of them, which will help potential buyers find the home they’re looking for.

You’ll also be able to display your properties on Google Maps, making it easy for prospective homeowners and renters alike to find exactly what they need at their fingertips!

WP All Import – Real Estate

WP All Import is a plugin that allows you to import data from CSV, XML and Excel files. It also supports JSON. This means you can use it for importing data into your site without having to write any code at all!

This plugin has been around for many years and has an excellent track record of being bug-free and stable. If you need to import large amounts of data into WordPress, then this is probably the best choice available on the market today (although there are others).

Local Lead Flow Pro

Local Lead Flow Pro is a plugin that helps you generate leads for your real estate business. It allows you to create landing pages and manage them, manage your lead flow and follow up, create a custom lead capture form and thank you page.

If you’re looking for a real estate website, WordPress might be the right solution for you.

If you’re looking for a real estate website, WordPress might be the right solution for you. You can create beautiful and effective real estate websites without writing any code, and you can customize your website’s look and feel to match your brand. If you want something more customized or custom-made, then hiring a professional is probably worth considering as well.

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